Self Confidence

I’m the Baddest MFer in this Room

I can vividly remember Tim Grover speaking at the 10X Growthcon by Grant Cardone close to a year ago.  Tim was the trainer of the greatest basketball player to ever live.  The one and only Michael Jordan.  One thing that Tim talked about in his speech at the conference was the mindset of MJ.  Going along with my one of my previous blog posts was the notion that your thinking dictates your life.  I completely agree with that statement.  Tim said that before he goes into a meeting he chants in his car

I am the baddest motherfucker in this room

I am the baddest motherfucker in this room

I am the BADDEST motherfucker in this room

He certainly made Jordan the baddest basketball player to ever live.  Another one of the biggest takeaways from his speech at the 10X Growthcon was the notion of a well oiled machine.  Michael Jordan never…

  • Went to the bar after practice
  • Took a day off
  • Skipped out on his diet

Tim stressed that the same thing should go for entrepreneurs.  They’ve got to step up and put good things in their bodies.  Business owners have to workout often, eat right and have the resulting self-confidence.  That self-confidence is utterly important on a day to day basis, but more importantly when you’re in the middle of a big deal.  Having your head on straight is key to landing those monster deals.  Landing those huge deals is what makes everything worth it.

What’s that mean for you?

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Check out this video by Entertainment on Tim Grover: