Knowing Yourself

Knowing exactly who you are right now and how you think is of utmost importance.  It’s amazing how in-cognizant people are about themselves and their surroundings.  Being able to understand who you are and why you make the decisions you make is very pivotal in growing professionally.

To this day it still amazes me how little people know about themselves. In the video below, Gary Vaynerchuk talks about Self-Awareness and how powerful it is.

Amazing video.  He has so much mojo when he speaks.  You can tell exactly what he’s saying is right on the money.  I love listening to him speak.

My biggest mistake is that I was very unaware of how to get myself out of the “funk”.  I would just let it take over me.  I would get lazy and unmotivated.  I’d find myself just watching TV or playing video games.  Sometimes I’d just waste hours on end playing with my phone watching non-sense videos on Facebook.

I had tried everything so I thought.  The problem was that I tried everything once.  I didn’t establish a repeatable process for preventing those instances of low motivation.  Once I did, it was amazing what I could accomplish in a single day.

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